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Mobile Classrooms Modernize Student Learning

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Mobile Classrooms Modernize Student Learning

Empowering students with information technology has been a core goal of the Beaconhouse-Newlands school in Lahore, Pakistan since it opened in 2011. But with resources tight, it took a purpose-built Intel mobile solution to deliver ICT to the school’s teachers and students, where and how it was needed – without breaking the bank.

• Empower students for self-directed learning and collaboration. New teaching approaches focus less on traditional teaching, and more on empowering students to work together to identify and follow new lines of investigation wherever they lead.
• Integrate ICT into everyday teaching and learning. Ready access to information is a crucial part of 21st century education, but delivering it in the classroom requires ICT capable of easily getting students online at every point throughout their school day.
• Make the most cost-effective use of ICT. Schools must use limited financial resources to bring ICT to students as cost-effectively as possible. Many have invested in computer labs, but they are expensive to set up and run, and difficult to integrate into everyday learning.

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