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Intel® Education Solutions Community Benefits

Economic benefits

Intel® Education Solutions help create eLearning economies – helping governments keep pace and preparing students to be tech-savvy citizens with the skills to thrive in the current and future marketplace. It also creates a resilient, skilled workforce, critical for national competitiveness and innovation.

  • Job creation: teacher training, manufacturing, developing, distribution
  • Leverages local resources: manufacturers, developers, educators
  • Supports public/private partnerships: governments, municipalities, private enterprise, nonprofit organizations – all can work together toward a common goal
  • Educated workforce builds national technology sector
  • Export opportunities: manufacturers may create products for export, becoming a player in the global marketplace
  • Cost efficiency: complete solution delivers results that are measurable
  • New prosperity and national pride from an invigorated economy

Implementation of Portugal’s Project Magellan resulted in the creation of approximately 1500 jobs and EUR 2.3B in economic activity through 2010.

Quality of life benefits

Classmate PCs have made an impact far beyond the classroom. Users have found innovative ways to make technology work for them, even in the most remote or under-served areas.

  • An 11-year-old in Mexico uses his classmate PC to create a computer inventory for his parents' small market.
  • A fifth-grader in India uses her classmate PC to identify an insect that was decimating crops. Locating the appropriate insecticide, her quick action saved her family's and her community's crops.

Snapshot: Project Magellan Community Impact

  • Education progress in one year
  • Majority of grade 1-4 students now have a PC for home and school use
  • 6,500 teachers and ICT coordinators trained
  • Every school in the country now has broadband access, up from 18 percent in 2005
  • Export model: 4 million Magellan PCs intended for export, creating what has been referred to as the “Portuguese Silicon Valley”

For a comprehensive guide to implementing Intel Education Solutions in your country or region, download the Intel eLearning Deployment Guide.