Intel® Edison

Intel® Edison technology unlocks the barriers to rapid product innovation.

Prototype quickly and get to market faster.

The Intel® Edison platform is a solution designed to lower the barriers to entry for quick prototyping and productizing the connected computing devices driving the next industrial revolution.

This wave of connected devices will be a diversified collection of products invented for specific consumers and consumer needs. 

Intel® Edison technology was designed specifically for the creators of these devices—emerging entrepreneurs eager to invent the future.  It combines a small, powerful, adaptable hardware platform and partner-enabled ecosystem with extended software compatibility and supportive online environment. 

With the solution offered by the Intel Edison platform, your imagination is the only obstacle between you and your invention.

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Small, powerful, and adaptable hardware

• High performance, dual-core CPU and single core micro-controller supports complex data collection in a low power package.

• Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low-Energy* (LE), memory, and storage simplifies configuration and increases scalability.

• 40 multiplexed GPIO interfaces with expansion board options for total project design and flexibility.

Software compatibility

• The Intel® IoT Developer Kit for Intel® Edison development platform adds C, C++, Python, and JavaScript support for developing connected sensor Internet of Things applications.

• Supports a variety of integrated development environments such as Arduino*, Eclipse*, Wyliodrin*, and Intel® XDK.

Supportive environment

• Managed online community for project ideas and engagement with other product users.

• Intel product-expert support and open source community software tools.

• Access to device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity framework to enable cross device communication and a cloud based, multi-tenant, time-series analytics service.

Key technical features

At the center of the Intel® Edison board is an Intel® Atom 22nm SoC with a dual-core CPU at 500Mhz and a MCU at 100Mhz. This allows the product to collect and preprocess data via the MCU in a low power state and hand the filtered data off to the CPU for analytics. The Intel® Edison board includes 1GB of memory, 4GB of storage and dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth* 4.0 for communications. It supports 40 GPIOs with multiple configuration options.

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