Our Journey to Full Representation in 2020

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Since setting our diversity and inclusion goals in January 2015, we've diligently conducted research, collected data, and implemented creative solutions to help propel us towards a new era of innovation. Mid-way through our second year, we're closer to reaching full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in our US workforce—but there's still a great deal of work to be done. At Intel, we believe it's critically important to share our successes and our failures, both to hold ourselves accountable as well as help other companies learn from the process.

A Snapshot of Our People

    All numbers might not add up to 100% due to rounding and/or uncategorized employees.

    Our Progress by the Numbers

    Hiring Diverse Talent

    We set a goal of 45% diverse hiring by end of 2016. As of our June report, we’re closing in on that goal at 43.4% (women and underrepresented minorities). We’re also looking beyond hiring, tracking retention as well as pay parity. We plan to address all pay gaps in accordance with our usual practice, with the aim of reaching 100% pay parity within the next quarter.

    Increasing Women at Intel

    We've reached a decade high of 25.4% women, up 2.4% since 2015, which puts us right where we need to be for achieving our goals. We've also made steady gains in representation of women in Mid, Senior, and Leadership grades, as well as improved retention.

    Improving our Diversity Representation

    Our hiring of underrepresented minorities grew to 13.1%, bringing us close to our 14% goal for 2016. We also increased the absolute number of underrepresented minority hires by 35% since one year ago. Still, we have a lot of work to do as, overall, URM representation remained relatively flat at 12.3% compared to 12.4% in 2015.

    Looking Beyond Intel

    Our efforts to increase diversity and inclusion extend beyond the walls of Intel to the tech industry as a whole. That means increasing our pipeline of diverse talent, sourcing from diverse suppliers, improving our communities with innovative programs, and more. As of June 2016, our spending with diverse suppliers reached $125M—a strong jumping off point for reaching our goal.

    The Intel Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

    In January of 2015, we set an ambitious goal to be the first high tech company to reach full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in our US workforce by 2020. We committed $300M to support this goal and our efforts span these core programs and objectives:

    • Achieve full US workforce representation through focused hiring and retention programs.

    • Grow the pipeline of technical talent for the industry at large with innovative partnerships with schools, colleges, and universities.

    • Improve diversity in our supply chain and invest in diverse entrepreneurs of emerging technologies.

    • Support women in gaming and other online communities with innovative programs like Hack Harassment, which aims to combat online harassment.

    • Continue to share our progress and show our belief in transparency by publishing our results every year. It keeps us accountable and we hope it encourages others to be equally transparent.

    Maintaining Diversity at Intel

    Intel encourages employee connection through our network of Intel Chartered Employee Resource Groups, which unite around a significant common affinity or element of personal identity.

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    Through strong alliances with national organizations, we drive industry-wide recognition and support the advancement of women, underrepresented minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

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