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Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG/DP55SB Extreme Series Tuning Guide

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Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG/DP55SB Extreme Series Tuning Guide

Performance tuning on Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG and Intel® Desktop Board DP55SB can be a simple and straightforward process, providing useful gains in overall system performance. This guide describes ways to increase system performance by tuning the various subsystems of the desktop board. The main focus areas include the Intel® Core™ i7-800 and Intel® Core™ i5-700 processor series, the memory subsystem, and the data interlinks connecting the various desktop board components. The procedures and examples in this document are for reference only and are not guaranteed to work in all situations and system configurations. Please note that operating desktop board components beyond their nominal values adds additional thermal stress to the overall system and additional cooling may be required to ensure stable system operation.

It is also important to note that over-clocking any desktop board can create additional electrical and thermal stress on the components and can reduce the system’s overall useful lifespan. Consequently, over-clocking on an Intel® Desktop Board Extreme Series is not covered under the standard warranty.

Performance tuning is not an exact science; system stability is highly dependent upon overall system construction and will vary with each system configuration. During the lifetime of the board the BIOS may be updated with additional features and improvements like the look and feel.

The Intel® Desktop Control Center is a great tool for monitoring most Intel Desktop Board Extreme Series-based systems and is available for download at http://www.intel.com/go/dcc. New to Intel Desktop Board DP55KG/DP55SB is the easy auto-tune capability. Beyond the scope of this guide, the Intel Desktop Control Center is another resource for performance tuning.

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