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IT Efficiency and PC Power Management

IT Efficiency and PC Power Management

Among the many demands of IT—performance, responsiveness, stability—volatile energy costs are forcing IT professionals to deliver these services more efficiently. Without sacrificing performance, IT managers must reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs not only in the data center, but at every IT level.

To combat these economic challenges, proactive IT managers get help from the advanced capabilities built-in to Intel® vProTM technology, enabling them to make organization-wide energy-saving impacts, starting with PC power management.

Today’s PCs consume as little as half as much energy as a PC that’s three or four years old. Replace older PCs with new, more energy-efficient systems. A current model PC using an Intel® CoreTM i3 or i5 processor and liquid crystal display (LCD) can more than double reductions in annual energy consumption. Take advantage of PC power management, too. PCs and monitors set to “sleep” when not in use further reduce operating costs.

Realize even more cost savings by utilizing hardware-enhanced remote PC management. Remote diagnosis and repair capabilities available with Intel® vProTM technology provide IT with a more robust set of tools for remotely resolving PC problems, saving time and fuel costs.

IT managers can further energy savings by enabling telework capabilities deploying mobile platforms with hardware-enhanced management. Organizations with remote work programs reduce office space requirements and increase productivity. And remote management capabilities of Intel vPro technology enable scheduled maintenance, updates, and repair.

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