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Intel Power Management Technologies

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Intel Power Management Technologies Enable a Greener Data Center

Power and cooling savings through the use of Intel’s intelligent Power Management features; Node Management and Data Center Manager within a High Temperature Data Center Environment

Executive Summary
Intel’s Power Management Technologies know as Node Manager (NM) and Data Center Manager (DCM) in combination with High Temperature Ambient Data Center operations was jointly tested over a 3 month Proof of Concept (POC)with Korea Telecom at the existing Mokdong Data Center in Seoul, South Korea. The objective was to maximize the number of servers compute nodes within space, power and cooling constraints of the data center (DC).

The POC proved the following:
• A Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) [details in glossary]of 1.39 would result in approximately 27% energy savings at the Mokdong Data Center. This could be achieved by using a 22◦C chilled water loop.
• Node Manager and Data Center Manager made it possible to save 15% power without performance degradation using control policy.
• In the event of a power outage, the Mokdong DC Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) uptime could be extended by up to 15% whilst still running its applications with little impact on the business Service Level Agreements.
• Potential additional annual energy cost savings greater than $2,000USD per rack by putting an under-utilized rack into a lower power state.

This paper describes the procedures and results from testing Intel Intelligent Power Management within a High Ambient Temperature operation Data Center at the Mokdong Data Center.

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