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Intel and 1&1 Dedicated Servers: A Winning Formula

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Intel and 1&1 Dedicated Servers: A Winning Formula

One of the world’s leading hosting providers creates a best-selling server package with the Intel® Atom™ processor C2750
1&1 has become a leading provider of Web hosting and dedicated servers by investing in the latest technology and ensuring its services remain in line with customer demand. Its recent service offering—a dedicated server package based on the Intel® Atom™ processor C2750—has become an instant best seller in its market segment, hitting customers’ sweet spot for price and performance while enabling 1&1 to increase server density and reduce data center power consumption.

• Market segment positioning. Maintaining a world leading position in the Web hosting and dedicated server market segments.
• Customer service. Ensuring their portfolio of products and services continues to meet the demands of a diverse customer base.
• Performance and price. Guaranteeing performance at a lower price point for small- to medium-sized businesses.
• Cost efficiency. Controlling costs and maximizing output across data centers worldwide.

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