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Arizona Teacher, Intel Adjunct Initiative Article

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Intel firmly believes that today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. As part of our education initiative, we want today’s students to have the math and science skills required to be successful in the global economy. So, when the Arizona Board of Education raised its math and science requirements for high school graduation, Intel and the local business community strongly supported the initiative. However, a needs assessment revealed that raising these requirements would aggravate what was already a serious teacher shortage. To help meet this need, Intel, in partnership with the State Board of Education and other community partners, created the Arizona Teacher Adjunct Initiative. This initiative brings specially trained Intel employees into classrooms during the day to extend the teachers’ reach and help more students understand the advanced curriculum.

The Opportunity
As a leader in the Arizona community, Intel strongly supported the initiative to raise math and science requirements. When the initiative passed, Intel’s US Education Manager, Carlos Contreras worked closely with the stakeholders on how Intel could make an impact in addressing the teacher shortage. From this collaboration, the Teacher Adjunct Initiative was born. “Intel employees, who are always eager to share their knowledge with kids, volunteered to take part in the program. Bringing skilled Intel employees into the classroom to help the teachers and students with the advanced curriculum was a great solution to help with the teacher shortages,” said Contreras.

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