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The Doctor is In…the Network

Telemedicine Transcends Geographical Barriers

Telemedicine brings better healthcare to patients near and far

All people deserve great healthcare wherever they are. Soon all of Mexico will be connected through telemedicine powered by Intel technology. Doctors and their patients seamlessly sharing scans, records, and laughter, while transcending distances. Saving time and money. Which means a lot when you are a two-day drive away from the heart specialist you need.

In the most unexpected place Intel technology can save lives. Lives that can change the world.

Mexican doctor brought closer to his patients through Intel technology

Intel® technology helps medical specialists

Advances in technology are transforming healthcare solutions, from large imaging systems to mobile devices.

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A patient in a remote area of Mexico talks to his doctor via video conference

Intel across healthcare

Intel healthcare involves embedding Intel® technology inside everything from computerized fitness equipment to lifesaving medical monitoring devices, which practitioners rely on to administer proactive care.

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Mexican flag flying on a sunny day

Innovative technologies improve rural learning

Combining learning devices, such as Intel-powered classmate PCs, with high-speed WiMAX networks, teacher training, and hands-on collaboration, the Intel World Ahead Program is improving education and opportunities in Mexico.

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