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An Audacious Plan to Transform Healthcare

Did you know by 2050, one in six people worldwide will be over the age of 65? Eric Dishman and Intel’s Health & Life Sciences Group are using an innovative, three-pronged approach to provide better healthcare to a swiftly aging planet.

Like many people, Eric Dishman has at times been both a patient and a caregiver. What makes his story unique is that he has taken his personal experiences—dealing with kidney disease and caring for a grandparent with Alzheimer’s—and turned them into a passion for improving healthcare.

One example of the group’s work is the recent development of an Intel®-based reference architecture for an innovative “Age-Friendly City” outside Shanghai, China. The goal is to create a city in which healthcare for the elderly is more accessible, effective, and affordable—an enormous challenge globally, and especially in China, which will soon have the world’s highest percentage of elderly people.

The group's innovative solutions use technology to provide care anywhere, care networking, and care customization. The three-pronged approach involves providing care not just in hospitals and clinics, but also at home, as each aged person is placed at the center of a connected network of providers, and genomics and other technologies are used to individualize treatment plans.

Eric Dishman

TED* Talks

Dishman outlined this innovative approach in a recent TED* talk, stressing that the most immediate and critical opportunity is to empower individuals with technical and social innovations, so they can take a more active role in their own healthcare experiences.

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“When people begin to advocate for themselves and demand more from their local healthcare system, they will receive better care,” he says. “And eventually that will create a global demand to create better, smarter healthcare solutions that will save many more lives worldwide.”

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Eric Dishman

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Intel Fellow, GM of Health & Life Sciences drives Intel’s strategy, R&D, and new product and policy initiatives for health and life science solutions.

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