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An Internet Minute

Activity expands with billions of connected devices

Internet traffic explosion times ten

The numbers are staggering. Consider that every minute there are 30 hours of video posted to YouTube, 47,000 apps downloaded, and 6 million posts on Facebook. Internet traffic is exploding as billions of people—and billions of intelligent systems—become connected. And those numbers will be considered tiny in just a few years. It all requires a more secure, intelligent network—powered by Intel® architecture.

A network powered by Intel® technology

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Intel® Microarchitecture

Intel® architecture innovations are the foundation of Intel's business model and success.

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People Connected

The online world never sleeps. Your connection to it shouldn't either. With Intel® Smart Connect Technology, stay current with automatic, no-wait updates to your e-mail, social networks, news, and more.

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Intelligent, Connected Devices

Embedded developers are enriching the lives of millions of people by embedding intelligence into billions of devices. This presents an opportunity to drive innovation by leveraging the community's resource rich ecosystem.

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