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Intel's Journey to Transform Computing

Intel’s journey from the head to the heart—for better lives everywhere

Welcome to the revolution. As Intel continues its transformation, there is more focus on technology development as it relates to the continuum. The continuum is a metaphor for the way people are going to use computing as we move into the future. It's about developing technology from the vantage point of how we live and integrate computing into our lives—from the office to the car to the home. Seamlessly. Transparently.

Under the old model, we spoke to the brain. Under the new model, we also speak to the heart: What does the consumer want? What is the experience we want to deliver? How can we help people live better and love their lives? Intel is ready to take on the challenge. We’ve got what it takes to change the world.

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Targeting the consumer

As Intel focuses more and more on the consumer, we are making a transition from the head to the heart. It’s about asking ourselves: What do you, the consumer, want, and what experiences do we want to deliver?

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Enriching education

We are in the middle of a PC revolution, and we are looking across the entire globe and asking ourselves how we can make a difference in everyone’s lives. Our mission in this decade is to touch and enrich the lives of every person on the planet through our technology.

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The continuum

Our emphasis now is on software development as it relates to the continuum. The continuum is a metaphor for the way we think about how people are going to use computing. And it’s about developing technology that creates a seamless and transparent experience from the office, to the car, and to the home.