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Inspiring a Better Future Through Healthcare

Learn how individuals and companies are using technology to deliver life-saving treatments, improved quality, and innovative services


Keven Stonewall

A shot at preventing colon cancer

Kevin Stonewall presents research on his vaccine for preventing colon cancer, including response, tumor growth, and survival rates in mice, as a finalist at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair1 (Intel ISEF).

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Eric Chen

Fighting super flu with supercomputing

Eric Chen, first place winner of Intel Science Talent Search1 2014 (Intel STS), used supercomputing to search for chemicals that could affect influenza proteins and potentially become a treatment to slow super flu pandemics.

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Elisabeth Ashmore stands in front of a wall with the word

Giving quadriplegics a voice

Elisabeth Ashmore, an Intel ISEF award winner, created a brain-computer interface that may enable quadriplegics and others the ability to use brain waves to communicate via computer.

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Jenna Hartley

Deadly cystic fibrosis bacterium meets its minty nemesis

Jenna Hartley’s research shows peppermint oil fights against the biofilm in cystic fibrosis infections.

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Woman talks to elderly person in a wheel chair

An audacious plan to transform healthcare

Learn how Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group uses Intel®-based reference architecture and other Intel® technologies to transform healthcare.

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Katherine Bomkamp shows off her

Helping amputees kick phantom pain

Learn about Katherine Bomkamp and her goal to create a prosthetic “Pain Free Socket*” that uses automatic temperature regulation, embedded thermo-resistive wiring, and a solar-powered battery to alleviate amputees’ phantom pain with heat.

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DNA string illustration on blue background

Your idle PC could cure cancer

If you want to help find a cure for cancer or other diseases, donate your PC’s excess processing power to researchers using Progress Thru Processors.

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A newborn baby sleeping

Saving newborns, one picture at a time

Doctors in Slovakia use wireless technology to provide neonatal care, transmitting and viewing tests with high-definition images through Intel® WiDi.

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1. A program of the Society for Science & the Public.