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Egyptian Community Learns to Read

Digital literacy program empowers Egyptian girls to help their community

The residents of Al-Fayoum, Egypt, have few opportunities. Most of them barely subsist, and their dreams can't escape the dust that envelopes the community. Girls rarely finish school because they need to make money or marry young.

The after-school Intel® Learn Program is enabling girls like 14-year-old Fatma Mahmoud and Fatma Aly to discover their power and change lives in Fayoum. "The aim of the Intel Learn Program was to teach me how to use technology to relate with my community," Fatma Mahmoud explains.

Teacher Rabab Mohammed gave the girls an assignment: Propose a solution to a problem in Egypt—or in Fayoum. They chose the problem of illiteracy, after their online research revealed some shocking statistics: Egypt is the ninth largest illiterate nation in the world, and two-thirds of those in Egypt who can't read are female. "I live with this problem every day," says Fatma Aly. "It affects my relationship with my mom and dad because I can read and they can't."

The girls decided to launch an adult literacy program in Fayoum. Their first key learning? Don't use printed fliers to communicate to a community that can't read. Not many people came to their first class, but then word started to spread. In just a few weeks, the class was full, and at the whiteboard—working beside a teacher paid by the state—were the girls themselves.

Al-Fayoum Egypt with palm trees

Al-Fayoum, Egypt

Al-Fayoum, Egypt is not an easy place for dreamers. The after-school Intel® Learn Program makes every lesson count, connecting students to their community through literacy.

Fatma Aly, a young egyptian girl with head scarf

In her own words

"Seeing the people in the class makes me very happy," says Fatma Aly. "I can see it's good for my community."

male and female student from intel learn program smile at camera

Intel® Learn Program

The Intel® Learn Program is an informal and engaging educational program designed to develop the technology skills of young learners in developing countries.

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