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Eric Chen

Fighting super flu with supercomputing

Eric Chen, first place winner of Intel Science Talent Search1 2014 (Intel STS), used supercomputing to search for chemicals that could affect influenza proteins and potentially become a treatment to slow super flu pandemics.

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Elisabeth Ashmore stands in front of a wall with the word

Giving quadriplegics a voice

Elisabeth Ashmore, an Intel Science and Engineering Fair1 (Intel ISEF) award winner, created a brain-computer interface that may enable quadriplegics and others the ability to use brain waves to communicate via computer.

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Naomi works in the lab

Clean air is good medicine

Naomi Shah's investigations of chronic allergies and clean air at home led to an Intel Labs summer internship calibrating low-cost air quality sensors.

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A gun equipped with fingerprint safety system

Gun safety at your fingertips

Meet 18-year-old student Kai Kloepfer who invented the biometric electromechanical firearm safety solution that locks or unlocks the gun based on the user’s fingerprint.

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1. A program of the Society for Science & the Public.