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Inspiring a Better Future Through Corporate Citizenship

Intel’s commitment to corporate citizenship guides the company to institute many programs that improve education, communities, and the environment


Conflict-free minerals being mined

Intel and conflict-free minerals

Learn about Intel’s efforts to achieve a conflict-free supply chain with transparency and reporting by driving accountability, encouraging broad action, and in-region sourcing.

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Students and teachers in Kenya

Kenyan students pay it forward

Intel volunteers and the Kenya Karibu Centre educate students and teachers about software and hardware systems to fight computer illiteracy.

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Glory Albert, teacher in Tanzania

Hope and glory in Tanzania

Intel Education Service Corps helps improve the literacy rate of women in Tanzania, educating and training girls like Glory Albert, who returned to her community after graduating from college to inspire other girls to achieve an education.

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DNA illustration on blue background

Your idle PC could cure cancer

Intel’s Progress Thru Processors application lets you donate the idle portion of your PC’s processing power to researchers searching for cures for cancer, AIDS, and influenza or studying other research topics.

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Workers in a cassava field

Technology helps fight hunger at its roots

Great Lakes Cassava Initiative and Intel provide rugged Intel® classmate PCs to help educate farmers in Africa about crop diseases, restoring food security, and fighting hunger.

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Three girls use an Ultrabook™

Ultrabook™ helps fight poverty, one child at a time     

ChildFund International uses Ultrabook™ systems to fight poverty around the world, efficiently collecting and analyzing data to speed the delivery of food, education, and healthcare.

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Two Vietnamese students

Runaway success for Vietnamese orphanages        

With the help of Intel® classmate PCs and Intel Education Service Corps, Orphan Impact connects Vietnam’s orphans with new education possibilities and a weekly computer training class, reducing the number of runaways from state-run orphanages.

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