LTE/Dual-Mode Transcede* T3K SoC Product Brief

LTE/Dual-Mode Transcede* T3K SoC Product Brief

Intel’s T3K family addresses the needs of the highest-performance small-cell designs for single-mode (LTE) and dual-mode (3G and LTE) solutions for picocell, enterprise, and rural applications.

Transcede* solutions from Intel deliver a complete small cell base station on a chip, supporting concurrent multi-standard operation with carrier...-grade software performance (HSPA and LTE). Simplifying the migration from 3G to LTE networks, Transcede T3K (T3xxx) devices handle the complete signal flow from the radio interface to IP packets for network connectivity. The product suite builds upon the Transcede family of small-cell system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

The T3K family with 20 MHz channels and MIMO (2x2) supports either TD-LTE or LTE FDD. Pre-integrated and pre-verified software that supports 3GPP* Release 8/9 and a roadmap to Release 10 (LTE-A) is included.

The T3120 and T3150 have the identical LTE capability as the T3100 and T3130, but also add simultaneous 3G operation to enable a single-chip, dual-mode solution. This is a super-set of Intel’s industry-leading PHY capability with support for Release 9 HSPA+, including MIMO, dual carrier, and soft handover, while meeting 3GPP local area base station (LABS) performance levels.

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