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More Reliable Business-Grade VoIP and Broadband Service

More Reliable Business-Grade VoIP and Broadband Service

Broadband service is a key component of the communications and information infrastructure for a majority of businesses, large and small. They use broadband to make VoIP calls, manage e-commerce portals, conduct research, transfer files and email, and more. As a result, today’s networks are not only handling more data, they are transmitting a wide variety of media streams that are delivering voice, video, media, and data content.

Now, service providers can offer customer premises equipment (CPE) that handles IP traffic in a controlled and predictable way. This capability is available on a connected services gateway for the small office market based on the Intel® Atom™ processor and Goes Networks GoS Gateway* software. GoS Networks software addresses the quality limitations of IP, while retaining the simplicity and flexibility that has made the Internet the technology of choice for delivering new services. This paper describes the key technologies employed in this revolutionary connected services gateway.

Connected Services Gateway

Today’s small businesses value all the media and communications services available, but they often find the job of managing them too complex. Simplifying access and control of services, the connected services gateway (CSG)—built with powerful Intel® Architecture Processors—is a single-box, plug-and-play solution that functions as a gateway, server, router, and storage device. Consequently, it’s easier for businesses to access and manage the wide range of services they currently use, such as phone, internet, security, and energy management.

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