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Workload Consolidation with Even Greater Packet Throughput

The Intel® platform for communications infrastructure

Intel platform communications

By 2015, the number of networked devices is predicted to be double the world’s population. As consumer expectations of immediate access to the Internet from a variety of devices grow, Intel is working with global communications and telecom industries to enable opportunities and address the challenges created by the network of the future.

Platform Overview

Intel's next-generation communications platform is specifically designed for workload consolidation and is capable of performing applications, control plane, and data plane concurrently, with very high throughput. A range of Intel® processors, paired with the Intel® Communications Chipset 89xxCC series, provide a scalable platform utilizing two- and four-core systems for single-socket designs.

Intel® QuickAssist Technology

The platform integrates Intel® QuickAssist Technology, a set of software and hardware modules that accelerate bulk encryption, data compression, and other workloads. The acceleration features are accessed via a unified set of industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs), which provides consistent conventions and semantics across multiple accelerator implementations and future-proofs software investments.

Intel® Data Plane Development Kit

The platform’s impressive packet processing is mainly due to the performance-optimized libraries available in the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK), which speeds up packet processing on Intel processors and increases throughput.

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