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Endless Possibilities for the Future of Communications

Endless Possibilities for the Future of Communications
Overview and Executive Summary
The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of another period of explosive growth. Over the next decade, billions of new devices will connect to the global internetwork, and data volumes will expand geometrically. A host of players—from traditional telecommunications service providers to video and web service vendors—are both driving this growth and seeking to benefit from it.

In this environment, service providers have an unprecedented opportunity to expand operations with new scalable services. But to do so, they must build flexible infrastructures for a broad array of content and data services aimed at smarter end-user devices. Intel’s scalable, dependable, and coherent architecture helps service providers quickly and cost-effectively support service offerings that counter competitive threats and meet changing marketplace demands with low TCO.

This paper provides an overview of how Intel® technologies can help service providers increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and address network capacity issues, while managing costs.

Maximizing Competitive Advantage in the Communications Industry
An exciting new world of connectivity is here. Video and other data-intensive applications are pushing the limits of current bandwidth, while trends such as voice over IP (VoIP), fat-rate pricing, and market entry by strong non-telco brands (for example; Apple*, Google*, and Microsoft*) are pushing service providers to develop new ways of driving competitive advantage. At the same time, customer expectations have evolved to include personalized experiences that are consistent across multiple devices. In this environment of rapid, unpredictable change, service providers are finding that their traditional mechanisms for growth, such as multi-year investments and multi-billion dollar build-outs, are unsustainable.

To remain competitive, service providers must embrace new revenue models while increasing the efficiency of existing ones. As voice and data services become more and more commoditized, service providers must seek out innovative ways to increase ARPU, cost-efficiently increase bandwidth, and minimize costs.

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