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Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design

Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design

Product Brief: Connected Services Gateway Embedded Computing Intel® Connected Services Gateway Reference Design

Full-featured Intel® Atom™ processor-based platform reduces hardware development cost and accelerates time to market

Connected Services Gateway

For many consumers and small businesses, the job of managing all of their media and communications services is already too complex. Households need a simple, single point of access and control for the wide range of services they receive, including television programming, Internet service, telephony, utilities, and security monitoring. Likewise, small businesses want a single-box, plug-and-play solution to access, manage, and store the wide range of media and communications services, such as phone, Internet, security, and energy management. New service models are also emerging, like home control, home healthcare monitoring, home energy management, solar panel and electric vehicle charging. Moving forward, there is an opportunity to put new and existing services under one umbrella using a broadband-enabled, wireless gateway device – the Connected Services Gateway - built on a powerful Intel® architecture platform.

Simplifying gateway design, the Intel® Connected Services Gateway Reference Design provides equipment manufacturers and service providers with a validated platform, which greatly reduces development time and cost. This gateway design streamlines the delivery of services by providing convenient access via a single-box solution acting as a gateway, server, router and storage device. The solution can remotely access, monitor and control almost anything in plug-and-play fashion, while addressing common security and power consumption challenges. This gateway design dramatically simplifies digital life and increases the potential market for current and planned services in communications, entertainment, security, e-health, social networking, and more.

Read the full Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design Manual.

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