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Invitel: A Secure, High-Performing Platform for Delivering Cloud Infrastructure Services

Invitel’s Secure, High-Performing InviCloud* Platform Delivers

A secure, high-performing platform for delivering cloud infrastructure services
Invitel ensures the resilience, manageability, and performance of its InviCloud* service with servers powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family

• Establish offering: Develop new cloud infrastructure service to offer enterprise clients a simple and high-performance way of enhancing their IT hardware and software resources
• Distributed performance: Ensure the technology underpinning the service can handle the simultaneous demands of thousands of clients
• Maintain security: Guarantee the security and independence of customers’ data in a multi-tenanted IT environment

• Technology platform: Invitel has based its InviCloud service on servers from Dell, powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5 family, running a virtualized computing environment based on software from VMware and Microsoft Windows* Server 2012
• Deep security: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) ensures the integrity of the virtualized operating environment by protecting against intrusion attempts on BIOS, firmware and other pre-launch software components
• Data protection: Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) technology built into the processors supports powerful encryption of data at rest, in applications, and when being transmitted, without impacting on performance

Technology Results
• Robust platform: The use of the Intel Xeon processors E5 family in the infrastructure underpinning InviCloud allows Invitel to offer a wide range of performance and software offerings, knowing that it has the processing resources to accommodate this
• Secure foundation: Intel TXT is turned on by default in Invitel’s virtualized cloud environment, ensuring the security of customer profiles and providing full control over how sensitive data is handled
• Fast encryption: Intel AES-NI provides Invitel with a powerful and cost-effective way to safeguard data on its systems from unauthorized access, capable of handling cloud-scale data volumes

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