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Intel Heterogeneous Network Solution Brief

Intel Heterogeneous Network: Solution Brief

Exploding smart phone usage is putting unprecedented pressure on network operators to keep up with this insatiable demand while maintaining quality. The mobile data traffic forecasts, such as Cisco's* projected 26-fold increase between 2010 and 2015, are staggering. Besides consuming massive amounts of network bandwidth, phone subscribers expect the mass availability of new applications and services will continue unabated. Offering a solution to both data traffic demand and individualized consumption can be addressed by investigating adding more intelligence to network elements to improve network bandwidth utilization and expand service capacity.

What is network intelligence? It is computing capacity used to manage and process data packets—beyond the typical routing and forwarding. This could be transrating, encoding, compression, provisioning, caching, prioritizing transactions and in a service network, issuing coupons to phone subscribers who enter a store.

This solution brief outlines some considerations for network operators looking for architectural strategies that better respond to the growing demand for data traffic and new services. Since the network is heterogeneous, with a mix of high and low bandwidth delivery mechanisms, solutions need to scale across a wide range of deployment scenarios.

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