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Data Center Performance Modeling

Data Center Performance Modeling

With the increasing complexity of data center and cloud-based systems, Intel® CoFluent™ Studio can be used to predict behavior, performance, and cost of complex, cloud-based systems before building or upgrading the system. 

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio lets you simulate the performance results of transactional analytics or high performance computing (HPC) workloads, like big data infrastructure, based on key parameters.

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With Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, we can create a virtual representation of the system and simulate it with customer-specific use cases.

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We can then easily change key parameters, such as:

  • Type of workload or query
  • Server platform performance with variable components:
    CPU type and speed
    NIC I/O throughput
    SSD vs. HDD
    Power consumption
  • Number of users, components, and servers
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Examples of modeling results that can be obtained:

  • Capacity (throughput) and response times for each layer and the entire cluster
  • Power consumption for each device and the entire cluster
  • Improved cost

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Analyze where and when requests are processed in the system.

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