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Intel® CoFluent™ Studio: System Modeling and Simulation Tools

Intel® CoFluentTM Studio

Intel® CoFluentTM Studio

Intel® CoFluentTM Studio is an integrated electronic system-level (ESL) modeling and simulation environment composed of:

  • A graphical modeler for capturing the system's behavior and execution platform
  • A simulation framework for automatically generating and instrumenting a transaction-level SystemC model of the complete system (including HW/SW partitioning) and interpreting simulation traces with a rich set of analysis tools
  • A SystemC library (extending the Accellera Systems Initiative’s SystemC and TLM libraries) constituting the computation (multiprocessor, multicore, multitask/multithread) and communication (message queues, events, busses, interconnects, networks) simulation engine at the heart of Intel CoFluent Studio
Intel® CoFluentTM Studio for Timed-Behavioral Modeling

Intel® CoFluentTM Studio for Timed-Behavioral Modeling (TBM) enhances Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)/Model-Driven Development (MDD) approaches with support of time properties for modeling and simulating real-time applications in a hardware/software-agnostic way.

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CoFluent Studio for System Architecting

Intel® CoFluentTM Studio for System Architecting (SA) goes beyond platform-level Electronic-System Level (ESL) design tools by allowing predictive application-driven system architecting at a high abstraction level from partial hardware and software.

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Intel® CoFluentTM Reader

Intel CoFluent Reader provides the same tools and environment as Intel CoFluent Studio, but in read-only mode. In its free version, it allows playing back recorded simulations.

Example models are available to give users an overview of the modeling and simulation capabilities offered by Intel CoFluent Studio for different application cases.


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