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SysML* Methodology for Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

SysML* Methodology for Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

This paper presents the Intel® CoFluent™ technology methodology for SysML* and associated tool support. The methodology is based on UML* with SysML and MARTE* profiles. It allows automatic model transformation from this format to the Intel® CoFluent™ Technology DSL.

The methodology can be seen as a set of modeling rules and restrictions applied to SysML/MARTE. These rules enable the simulation of multicore/multiprocessor hardware/software system models for behavioral and performance data prediction, without restricting the expressiveness of SysML and MARTE. The Intel® CoFluent™ methodology for SysML does not add new elements to standard profiles. It does, however, offer an optional profile to represent several features related to Intel® CoFluent™ DSL and necessary for efficient embedded system modeling and simulation.

Read the full SysML* Methodology for Intel® CoFluent™ Studio White Paper.

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