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Plan Your Hybrid Cloud Project

Create a hybrid cloud roadmap with help from Intel experts

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Implementing and managing services across public and private cloud environments poses a unique set of challenges, including integrating the system’s architecture, infrastructure, application portability, and security.

The following resources will help form a plan to address integration, management, and security issues and streamline your hybrid cloud–building process. 

Explore How Intel Built a Hybrid Cloud Computing Platform

Scalability is a key concern when deploying consumer-facing web apps and services with fluctuating demand. A hybrid cloud balances availability and responsiveness without the worry of over or under-provisioning enterprise resources.

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Best practices from Intel IT on deploying hybrid clouds in the enterprise

Best Practices from Intel IT on Deploying Hybrid Clouds in the Enterprise

Learn how Intel IT is using hybrid cloud hosting to bolster the agility and reliability of their consumer-facing web services.

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Hybrid cloud checklist

Key Items To Consider

The move to a hybrid cloud is now a priority for the enterprise. Hybrid cloud models offer the same cost and scale benefits as public clouds, with the greater security and control advantages of private clouds.

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