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Cloud Stories: Medical Imaging Solutions

Peake Healthcare Innovations delivers cloud imaging services to provide more options for patient care

By Jim Philbin, chief technology officer, co-founder, Peake Healthcare Innovations, and co-director, Center for Biomedical & Imaging Informatics, Johns Hopkins Medicine


Peake Healthcare Innovations is a joint venture between two recognized market leaders: Harris Healthcare Solutions and Johns Hopkins Medicine. We deliver a subscription-based, cloud-delivered medical image-management-as-a-service (IMaaS) solution comprised as a picture archiving and communication system (PACS)–agnostic archiving platform that supports the integration of third-party, best-in-class clinical applications. The solution is based on a highly secure and reliable infrastructure delivering an exceptional level of performance that is made possible through our partnerships with Intel and VMware, among other medical imaging companies.

Peake’s cloud offering serves community hospitals, health systems, and integrated delivery networks, along with health information exchanges and other IT vendors. We are focused on delivering world-class software and managed services to improve the delivery, support, and performance of the next generation of medical image management solutions while dramatically reducing cost. Within the PeakeSecure* family of services, solutions range from image archiving, disaster recovery, and business continuity to clinical, diagnostic, and advanced 3-D visualization viewing; cross-enterprise image exchange; and workflow.

With Peake, image data silos within the healthcare organization are eliminated, and relevant patient information is available to be securely shared not just within the enterprise itself, but between other organizations as well, improving patient safety and eliminating redundancy, waste, and ultimately, cost. With secure access and reliability, healthcare organizations now have the ability to provide collaborative care for their patients, as subspecialty expertise and secondary consultative opinions across the United States and around the world are only a few mouse clicks away.

Our vision is to empower clinicians at the point of care, to give them the ability to decide which clinical tools best meet their needs in that unique episode of care. Peake Healthcare enables an uncommon flexibility in the context of healthcare technology delivery: the opportunity to efficiently and cost-effectively put new clinical applications and solutions at the fingertips of those who need them the most. This is a game changing approach that empowers healthcare facilities like never before.

In 2012 at Johns Hopkins Medicine, we will be deploying a clinical and diagnostic image viewing strategy from two different (and competing) companies. The zero-footprint VitreaView* from Vital Images will be available on all clinical desktops across the enterprise and accessible via the electronic medical record (EMR). The Merge Healthcare RadSuite* will be utilized for diagnostic interpretation and deployed using virtual desktop technology to cloud-enable dedicated client software. The back-end image management engine is Peake Healthcare’s PACS-agnostic archive that is based on open-source dcm4che applications and utilities for the healthcare enterprise, and powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and VMware vSphere* 5.0.

Transitioning from one medical imaging and information technology provider to another is time consuming, expensive, and disruptive—both in the migration of data and in the delivery of patient care. By combining cloud-based medical IMaaS along with virtualization, Peake offers healthcare institutions the flexibility to implement a secure, high-performance technology strategy that scales to meet future requirements and leverages new innovations in patient information access and collaboration as they continually evolve. Peake enables fast, efficient image access from any location on any device, streamlining the process from the point of image acquisition to display, significantly improving the delivery of quality patient care.

By facilitating the aggregation of the patient record and the sharing of images between institutions in a transparent manner, Peake Healthcare Innovations offers a transformative approach to health information and medical image management and access: cloud-based solutions and services providing security, performance, and reliability with a low total cost of operation. By applying innovative information technology delivery to healthcare, Peake is helping clinicians and hospitals improve the delivery of care—one patient at a time.

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Jim Philbin

Jim Philbin


"Our vision is to empower clinicians at the point of care; to give them the ability to decide which clinical tools best meet their needs in that unique episode of care."


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