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Vertex and Geometry Processing Selection Capability for Microsoft DirectX* 10 White Paper

Microsoft DirectX* 10: Vertex and Geometry Processing Selection


Intel has released the 15.16 version driver for the Microsoft Windows Vista* operating system that includes support for Microsoft Windows 7* operating systems. With the release of this driver, Intel further extends the capabilities of vertex processing for Microsoft DirectX 10*. Utilizing this technology, Intel is able to deliver a better gaming experience by adding additional platform performance resulting in higher frame rates and increased game compatibility.

Integrated Graphics Architecture

The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD architecture is based on a unified shader architecture that is comprised of a collection of highly programmable, and scalable, 32-bit floating point engines. This programmable architecture is one based upon a unified shader model – which means vertex, geometry, and pixel shaders run on the same programmable engines or execution units. These same programmable engines are also able to process media codecs, as well as various filters for text and image processing. The Intel graphics driver architecture delivers scalability and flexibility by supporting features within kernels that are compiled for the Intel graphics architecture. At the highest level, there are kernels that support 3D and media. Within 3D there are kernels for DirectX and SGI OpenGL*. DirectX then has kernels that support pixel and vertex shading, and filtering. OpenGL has fragment and vertex shading, as well as filtering kernels. The media kernels are codec-dependent, but capabilities like IDCT (Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform), motion compensation, and filtering techniques like advanced de-interlacing would all be supported by a kernel.

Read the full Microsoft DirectX* 10: Vertex and Geometry Processing Selection Paper.

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