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Intel® 915G/915GV/910GL Express Chipset Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) Whitepaper

Media Expansion Cards White Paper

This document details the Media Expansion card key benefits and operation for the Intel® 945G Express Chipset. It is intended for a technical audience interested in learning about Media Expansion card architecture.

Media Expansion cards, formerly known as ADD2+ cards, provide flexible digital display and video-in capabilities on a single add-in card. The Intel® 945G Express Chipset will be the first Intel chipset to support Media Expansion cards. The Intel® 82945G GMCH has an integrated graphics device (IGD) with dedicated multimedia engines delivering high-performance 3D, 2D, video, and display capabilities. The GMCH also has the flexibility to use an external graphics accelerator through its 16 PCI Express* interface. When an external graphics accelerator is not used via the 16 PCI Express connector, the Media Expansion card may be used to provide digital display and video-in options.

Media Expansion cards are available from many third party add-in card vendors. Media Expansion cards allow the functionality of two or more discrete PCI Express cards to be combined into one single card. For example, if an OEM wants to use a PCI Express based TV tuner add-in card and another PCI Express based video card with TV-Out capability, then the functionality of these two discrete add-in cards could be provided by a single Media Expansion card with the 945G Express chipset. This flexibility allows OEMs to lower overall system costs.

Media Expansion cards are also ideal for small form factor designs where there is only one x1 PCI Express slot in the system. Since Media Expansion cards allow for the functionality of two or more discrete PCI Express cards to be combined onto one card and use the 16 PCI Express connector, this provides more solutions for system integrators of small form factor systems with an available x1 PCI Express slot.

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