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Intel® E8870 Chipset: Cost-Effectiveness for Scalable Servers

Configurations. Advantages built into the chipset ensure reliability, serviceability, and performance.

Introduction: The Internet’s evolution has generated complex requirements for enterprise server systems. There is increased emphasis on cost-effective servers that consume little power. At the same time, the market is requiring database servers that provide high levels of performance, scalability and availability. A number of system vendors have responded to these requirements by using standard components for entry-level servers and proprietary components for midrange and high-end servers. This dual-solution approach tends to drive up engineering costs. Intel has an alternative.

The Intel® E8870 chipset offers a scalable architecture for next-generation Intel® Itanium® processor-based servers. Building blocks in the chipset allow designers to build multiprocessor server systems that scale from 2-16 processors. The Intel® E8870 architecture also permits system vendors to design components that scale beyond server systems with 16 processors; it potentially allows for complex systems that incorporate up to 512 processors.

Chipset Building Blocks

Intel E8870 architecture is based on the following building blocks:
• Scalable node controller (SNC)
• Scalable port switch (SPS)
• I/O hub
• I/O bridge
• Scalability port (SP)

Read the full Intel® E8870 Chipset Paper.

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