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Intel® E8870 Chipset Product Brief

The Intel® E8870 chipset is the first of a new generation of chipset architecture, specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end 2-way and 4-way server platform segments. The Intel E8870 chipset, optimized for the Intel® Itanium® 2 processor, provides new levels of performance, scalability, and enhanced error detection, correction, and containment. <BR>
The Intel E8870 chipset-based server platform takes full advantage of the Intel Itanium 2 processor to deliver unparalleled compute power and value for large database, business intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other high-end, heavy load applications. The processor system bus can support up to four processors with 400 Mega Transfers per second (MT/sec) peak data transfer rate, providing up to 6.4 Gigabytes per second (GB/sec) bandwidth. With an 800 MHz channel frequency and 6.4 GB/sec in bandwidth, the memory bus provides higher throughput, headroom, and improved scalability.

Two scalability ports connect the scalable node controller (SNC) to the server input/output hub (SIOH) providing 6.4 GB/sec per port. This balanced bus architecture provides for lower latency between transactions delivering higher clock speeds and greater throughput for demanding server workloads.

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