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Lindenhurst-VS Public Spec Update.book

Intel® E7320 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) Specification Update

This document is an update to the memory interface specifications contained in the Affected Documents/Related Documents table below. This document is a compilation of device and document errata and specification clarifications and changes. It is intended for hardware system manufacturers and software developers of applications, operating systems, or tools.

Information types defined in Nomenclature are consolidated into this update document and are no longer published in other documents. This document may also contain information that was not previously published.

Summary Table of Changes: The following table indicates the errata, specification changes, specification clarifications, or documentation changes which apply to the E7320 MCH. Intel may fix some errata in a future stepping of the component, and account for the other outstanding issues through documentation or specification changes as noted.

Read the full Intel® E7320 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) Specification Update.

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