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Intel E7210 Memory Controller Hub: Specification Update

Intel® ­E7210­ Chipset­­, February ­2004

This ­public ­document­ is ­an ­update ­to ­the ­specifications ­contained­ in ­the ­documents ­listed ­in ­the ­following ­Affected­ Documents/Related­ Documents ­table. ­It is ­a ­compilation ­of ­device ­and document­ errata ­and ­specification ­clarifications ­and­ changes, ­and ­is ­intended­ for ­hardware ­system manufacturers ­and ­for ­software ­developers ­of ­applications, ­operating ­systems,­ and ­tools. Information ­types ­defined­ in ­the ­Nomenclature­ section­ of ­this ­document­ are ­consolidated­ into­ this update­ document­ and –are ­no ­longer­ published ­in ­other­ documents.­ Affected ­Documents/Related ­Documents­: Intel® ­E7210­ Chipset ­Datasheet.

Read the full Intel E7210 Memory Controller Hub Specification Update.

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