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Intel® Data Modem Solutions

Intel® Data Modem Solutions are designed to achieve the lowest possible overall system cost and meet DOCSIS*/Euro-DOCSIS standards, while maintaining flexibility and performance.

DOCSIS* 2.0 Data Modem Solutions - TNETC4600/4602

The TNETC4600/4602 solutions are sixth-generation chipsets optimized for the DOCSIS* 2.0 data cable modem applications. Designed to achieve the lowest possible overall system cost while maintaining flexibility and performance, the TNETC4600/4602 are based on a MIPS RISC core, which gives the chipsets the processing power needed for a variety of applications, including use as a small office/home office (SOHO) broadband network controller or as a residential gateway.

The TNETC4600/4602, combined with Intel's DOCSIS software, enables cable modems to pass DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0, PacketCable* 1.5, and Euro-PacketCable 1.5 certification wave testing.

Features include:

  • Integrated high performance RISC processor
  • DOCSIS 2.0 support with A-TDMA and S-CDMA functionality
  • Flexible memory interface
  • Integrated USB 1.1 (TNETC4600) or USB 2.0 (TNETC4602) on-chip

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