Intel powers the incredible technology at the heart of transforming any business or industry. See how Intel is changing the world through powering supercomputers and the cloud, and discover the tools and resources that will help you evolve your business.

98% of the Cloud Runs on Intel

Intel powers the majority of servers and the cloud, allowing businesses to transform their industries by quickly sharing data, storing information, and making content accessible from anywhere in the world. See how the cloud inspires new thinking.

See what the cloud can do on Intel

The future is now: the cloud is making everything – from transportation to healthcare to retail – more innovative and efficient.

Aircraft maker Airbus is turning to smart industrial drones, data analytics, and machine learning to make aircraft inspection easier and faster.

Discover new uses for industrial drones

5G technology is the underpinning of network (and cloud) transformation that will enable automated driving at scale. Connected vehicles will collect and share data at unparalleled rates, enabling unprecedented new capabilities, business opportunities, and customer experiences.

Explore the road ahead

Generation Z is growing up with the cloud and steady streams of data as normal. Learn how Gen Z’s expectations for customized and cloud-powered experiences are inspiring retailers to revamp how retail works for the next generation.

Read about the retail revolution

By enhancing brick-and-mortar stores with physical plus digital capabilities, retailers are creating new ways to engage customers, deliver “ultra-convenience” and personalization, as well as better manage inventory and distribution.

Discover retail’s ‘phygital’ world

90% of the largest supercomputers run on Intel.

Big, data-intensive projects require super (compute) power to stay ahead. Intel helps businesses transform by enabling powerful data-crunching capabilities to quickly analyze large amounts of information.  See how industries are accessing the power of supercomputers. 


The age of the supercomputer is now — from unlocking our bodies' greatest mysteries to powering massive simulations at speeds once thought unattainable.

Supercomputers helped an interdisciplinary group create a digital model of the human heart, changing how we look at cardio care. This could lead to models for other organs, and potentially to the whole human body, introducing a new way to manage our health.

Learn about the Living Heart project

Supercomputers can help tailor a patient’s cancer treatment through data-crunching genomic sequencing, ushering in a new era of faster, more precise and personalized healthcare.

Learn about precision cancer care

The Tools to Transform Your Business

Insights from complex data offer unprecedented opportunity to make discoveries and deliver better services and customer experience. Learn how to harness the potential of your data.

Leverage advanced analytics

Accelerate discovery and solve the toughest problems with the aggregated computing power that comes from HPC.

Explore HPC solutions

The enterprise cloud, whether hybrid, private or public, enables businesses to deploy solutions with agility, control and scale to meet the needs of the dynamic marketplace.

Deploy your enterprise cloud

Connecting the “things” that were not connected before is leading to insights and meaningful changes in how we do business, impacting areas as diverse as scientific research, manufacturing processes, and retail customer experience.

Enable IoT solutions

Industries Leading Innovation

Intel technology powers healthcare solutions, IT infrastructure, and medical devices, bringing a personalized experience for each unique patient closer to reality.

Discover solutions in health

Get to know your customers better while providing them with a memorable and immersive shopping experience through technology that attracts and converts customers at every step.

Improve your retail business

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The first-of-its-kind Intel® Shooting Star™ drone meets all FCC technical specifications, but has not yet been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.