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Security Services

As enterprise big data technology adoption grows, so grows the security and compliance risks of protecting complex environments that process and store huge volumes of sensitive information. For Hadoop* and most of its ecosystem tools, protection is not built from the ground up and configuring security features is challenging. 

Whether you are in proof of concept or production, Intel Big Data Professional Services can help reduce risk with a variety of services that combine Intel’s Hadoop experts and McAfee security and compliance consulants. We work closely with your organization to identify system and program weaknesses, develop a realistic risk reduction plan, and prevent security breaches. 

Intel Big Data Professional Services helps:

  • Facilitate security and compliance workshops to understand cross-functional risk.
  • Securely configure Hadoop (set up Kerberos, RBAC, encryption, audit logging, and system tuning).
  • Integrate Hadoop clusters with existing organizational LDAP/AD.
  • Execute penetration tests to validate security of your Hadoop cluster.
  • Provide long-term security resources to test and manage Hadoop security.
  • Perform compliance testing and validation (PCI, PIPEDA, HIPAA, and more).
  • Develop “defense-in-depth” strategies to reduce risk.
  • Mask sensitive information.
  • Review cloud solutions and identify risk exposure.
  • Define data priorities and privacy controls.
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