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Flytxt and Netweb Transform Data Insights with Big Data Analytics

Intel partners with Flytxt and Netweb Technologies to deliver one of the largest big data analytics deployments for a leading telecom service provider in India

The telecommunications industry is a melting pot of data. The steady growth in the number of users coupled with the advent of multiple smartphones and their complex features and abilities has led to the existence of voluminous and widely variable data, all conceived at high velocity and scattered across departments and business units.

One of India’s leading telecom service providers sought to establish market leadership and deliver customer satisfaction by providing personalized and contextually relevant offers to their customers in real-time.

Flytxt Analytics platform leveraging high performance Intel®-based servers from Netweb Technologies running Hadoop* clusters brought an entirely new dimension in the way the telecom service provider could utilize the full power of data available with them to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

• More real time than near-real-time: Obtaining insights in real time, at the velocity in which data is generated, and then using these insights to take decisions in real time, was a major challenge for the telecom service provider. The latency between the subscriber initiated event to insight and then to action needed to be minimized greatly. Legacy systems struggled to meet this requirement and hence the telecom service provider could not respond to the customers’ needs within the window of relevance.

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