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Implementation and Engineering

Architecting for big data is not about replacing systems. It is about building upon and integrating new types of tools into existing frameworks—from database and business processes and operations to IT tools and end-user applications.

Architecture services

Intel Big Data Professional Services designs and engineers purpose-built solutions that address evolving business challenges while meeting each client’s unique needs. From small to large, simple to complex, we build and test so solutions seamlessly coexist with legacy applications. Our industry-leading expertise, experience, and broad technology portfolio deliver future-ready architectures built for scalability, flexibility, and security to meet every business and IT goal.

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Application development

We work with your team to define, design, and deploy big data applications to capture, organize, and analyze for competitive edge. Using proven implementation frameworks and designs ensures easy deployment and maintenance of robust and flexible solutions. This approach reduces risk and time to market and enables quicker business value, allowing your team to get the most value for your investment. 

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