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China Mobile Guangdong: Real-Time Access to Billing and Call Data Records

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As in many countries, Chinese communication service providers have experienced explosive growth as consumers embrace mobile devices, fast 3G and 4G connectivity, and the ability to self-service or inquire about account-related information. In parallel, traditional customer support operations continue to grow as a means to deliver personalized customer support. With such development, the challenge for communication service providers is to provide a broad range of information assets and instant analysis capabilities that deliver more information and targeted offerings for the consumer. Keeping its clientele in mind, China Mobile Guangdong has always aimed to elevate customer experience by providing services that target their needs. The company cites its mobile operation support system, and customer service in general, as key assets to provide a differentiated offering to its customers. Within this system, the detailed billing system component delivers one of the most important touch points with customers and for the billing support staff.