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Software Evaluation Guide for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3* with with Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2*

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3*: Software Evaluation Guide

Software Description

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3* software, available for both Windows* and Mac OS X*, makes every step of video production more efficient and now includes Adobe OnLocation CS3* (requires Windows and Bootcamp* for Mac) and Adobe Encore CS3* software. Premiere Pro CS3 allows you to save time from on-set capture using Adobe OnLocation through to output; expand your creative options via tight integration with After Effects CS3 Professional and Photoshop CS3 software; and reach the widest audience by delivering your content to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, the web, and mobile devices. Source: Adobe.com

Microsoft Flight Simulator X* is flight simulation software capable of rendering highly realistic flight conditions. Gamers using this software simulate flying real-life aircrafts from real locations throughout the world to gain achievements and experience.

The project “F1 Demo 3wayCC.prproj” contains two 30-second segments of HDV 1080p25 footage with a cross-dissolve transition applied across the entire 60s. The first 30s also has the effect “Three- Way Color Corrector” applied, independently adjusting the scene’s shadows, highlights, and midtones. Additionally the 25fps input clip is converted to 29.97fps. The performance test measures the time to render a non-realtime preview of the entire 60s (1800 frames). This involves reading the two HDV source streams, applying the cross-dissolve, the Three-Way Color Corrector, and then encoding the result to an HDV file that is stored by Premiere Pro for later use when a preview of the rendered region is requested.

The saved game FSXMark07.FSSAVE is part of a downloadable benchmark created by Gary Dunne specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The saved game is an auto piloted CRJ700 flight that starts just after the aircraft has taken off from KPAE, climbed to 1500ft, and reached 250kts towards the Seattle city center, flies over KSEA then heads directly for Mount Rainier.

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