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Intel® RealSense™ technology aims to simplify interactions with PCs by giving them human-like senses. At Computex 2014 in Taipei, we announced that Intel RealSense technology will also fundamentally change how tablets perceive the world around them. Coming to Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets running both Microsoft Windows* and Android*, is the advanced technology that makes this possible: the Intel RealSense 3D camera. Measuring less than 3.5-mm thick, this camera will be built into tablets, allowing them to see the world in three dimensions and enabling entirely new ways to use them. From scanning a toy and duplicating it with a 3D printer, to dramatically changing the lighting on a picture taken a week ago, the way we use our tablets will evolve in exciting new ways.

If you’re a software developer, look for the following capabilities in a future version of the Intel RealSense software development kit (SDK).

Woman manipulating image of bird on her tablet.

Capture and Share

Use your tablet to capture objects, people, and environments in stunning 3D. Share a 3D scan of your new puppy with your friends, or scan yourself to turn a faceless video game character into a hero who looks just like you. Intel is helping transition the promise of 3D scanning and printing from science fiction to science fact.

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Beach. Man swinging boy. Woman taking picture.

Enhanced Photography and Video

As powerful as the 2D cameras on our devices are, tablets shipping with Intel RealSense technology allow for entirely new ways to be creative with your photos and videos. Change what is in focus after you shoot, remove the background, or even include your child’s height in his photo. Because tablets with Intel RealSense technology understand their environment in 3D, you can make sure your photos and videos perfectly highlight the moment you captured.

Family at table, playing games together.

Entertainment and Gaming

Take your games to the real world. Intel RealSense technology lets you blur the barrier between the game and the environment around you. Use your coffee table as the scene of your next gaming adventure and watch computer graphics interact with your living room on your tablet’s screen. The possibilities of tablets with 3D cameras extend beyond gaming, however. Use your Intel RealSense tablet to learn how to change the oil in your car, how to perfectly filet fresh salmon, or to ace your dissection in biology class with a virtual tutor.

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