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New Device Enumeration for Intel UMA White Paper

New Device Enumeration for Intel® UMA White Paper

This document describes the changes that have occurred in the 14.X baseline for Intel’s graphics driver concerning enumeration in the Microsoft Windows* Device Manager. The first change which occurred in the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Intel® GMA Driver) 14.0 version involves showing two of each display device under the Device ...Manger Monitors section. The second change introduces a new virtual monitor as part of the Dual Display Clone behavior starting in the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Production Version

Device Manager Enumeration Scheme Change

A new enumeration scheme was introduced in the Device Manager with the release of the 14.0 Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. Prior to 14.0, there was a one to one correlation between the number of physically attached monitors and the displays enumerated. With the new enumeration scheme, the number of devices listed is greater than what is connected to the platform. Users will see between two and five monitors (Default or Plug and Play*) displayed under the Monitors tab depending on if an SDVO ADD-IN card or SDVO Down solution is used.

Intel Dual Display Clone Enumeration

A new device enumeration was added in the Intel® Media Graphics Accelerator Production Version Driver to better support Dual Display Clone mode. This extra enumeration is a driver generated display with a multi-monitor modes list to represent the supported clone modes. When the “Hide modes this monitor cannot display” option is checked in the Display Properties an intersection of the two modes tables (plus any preferred timings listed in the devices’ EDID) is used. When this option is unchecked, a union of the two modes tables is used. This driver generated display will enumerate as either a “Default Monitor” or “Plug and Play Monitor” and list as the third or fifth monitor. In addition, this pseudo monitor will only enumerate on systems that can support Dual Display Clone.

Read the full New Device Enumeration for Intel® UMA White Paper.

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