Connect to TV WirelesslyWith Intel® WiDi

Your life is on your personal device. But life was meant to be shared. With a few clicks, Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi) allows you to connect your TV wirelessly from your mobile device, turning your small screen into a big, sharable experience.

What is Intel® WiDi?

Seamlessly take the media from a personal device to the high resolution of a TV with streaming technology designed to let you wirelessly share anything you want.

Share with Intel® WiDi

Stream your family favorites from your laptop and relive your best vacation moments on the big screen with HD video.

Explore with Intel® WiDi

Search through photos or control apps from your smartphone while you stream it all on your HDTV with dual-screen interaction.

Stream and socialize with Intel® WiDi

Multitask on your PC while you watch by sending emails or chatting with your closest friends and family across the globe.

Game with Intel® WiDi

Grow your gaming landscape online or bring the competition into your home with the freedom of Intel® Wireless Display technology.

Why Intel® WiDi?

Your screen's potential finally meets your expectations. Intel® WiDi makes it easy to connect to your TV wirelessly, so you can share your experiences from your personal device in the superior quality they deserve.

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Start sharing now

Intel® WiDi was created to make experiences bigger and bring people together.

Share your media—share yourself—freely, with Intel® WiDi.