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Amazing Performance. Less Clutter.

Come home to an immersive experience on a stylish and responsive all-in-one PC

An all-in-one PC packages the performance of a complete desktop system into a single, powerful device. Experience Intel level performance as you communicate, create, and explore entertainment with your new computing and media center.

HP all-in-one overhead view

Powerful Performance

An all-in-one PC delivers Intel level performance, with the versatility of a desktop in a stylish, clutter-free design you will want to show off. Smooth, seamless, and stunning visuals take full advantage of its HD screens, many of which are touch enabled and feature built-in cameras.  

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon* all-in-one (looks like a huge tablet)


Select all-in-one PCs allow you to unplug completely and take them wherever you go. Do homework at the table; watch TV in the kitchen. With a built-in battery and tablet-like capabilities, create your optimal experience anywhere in the house.

Lenovo Horizon* overhead view

Shared Family PC

The family PC has been redefined. Experience multi-user, multi-touch capabilities on your new all-in-one PC for fun, interactive games and entertainment for the entire family. 

HP all-in-one overhead view

Rich Multimedia

Whether you are watching HD videos, playing interactive games, or editing and sharing photos, experience the smooth, seamless, and robust features comprising the all-in-one PC. With a large, adjustable HD touch screen, you can immerse yourself in working, creating, gaming, or videos.

All-in-one with keyboard and mouse

Stylish Design

The all-in-one PCs are big on cool, not only because they are easy on the eyes, but also because they save on space—therefore, cutting down on clutter—with details, such as a thin, flat-panel monitor and system in one, single plug-and-play cord, and wireless keyboard and mouse.

Lenovo Horizon* all-in-one view from above

Big Screen Displays

All-in-one PCs come in a range of sizes—they can run up to 27 inches. Opting for a large, stunning HD display means movies, TV shows, video calls, and photos look that much bigger and better.

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Product and Performance Information


1. Integrated battery and lay flat mode required for portable AIO devices.