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A Simple, Effective Measure of Software Optimization
Quickly and easily determine how well your software products are taking advantage of Intel technology with the growing selection of Intel® Software Assessment Tools.

Measuring how well your application is optimized for Intel technology-based systems is an important part of gauging overall quality, and the more objective the results are, the better. In the real world, customers can be harsh in their assessment of your products, but Intel Software Assessment Tools give you vital intelligence in advance, as well as recommendations to help make your software perform better. It's an advantage you can't afford to pass up.

The Intel Software Partner Program introduced the first two offerings within the growing series of Software Assessment Tools in late 2009:
  • Intel® Concurrency Checker verifies how well software takes advantage of Intel Multi-core Technology.
  • Intel® Graphics Checker makes sure that 3D-based games run great on systems with Intel® Graphics.

The program is committed to making more Software Assessment Tools available in 2010 and beyond. The latest, which are newly offered, include the Intel® Media Checker and Intel® Manageability Checker tools. Like their predecessors, these tools provide a quick, efficient way to measure how well software takes advantage of Intel technology, as well as the means to improve on those results.
Intel Media Checker Complements the Intel® Media Software Development Kit
Makers of video applications all over the world have discovered that the Intel Media Software Development Kit (Intel® Media SDK) is the most effective way to ensure high performance encoding, decoding, and pre-processing functions across the broadest range of platforms. Software companies have found that the ability to develop for a common Intel Media SDK application programming interface (API) results in improved software quality and development efficiency.

The Intel Media Checker works hand-in-hand with the Intel Media SDK to provide detailed information about the application’s use of the Intel Media SDK to perform video encode, decode, or pre-processing function calls for WMV, H264, or MPEG-2 formatted video stream during a 30-second sample workload measurement.
Intel Manageability Checker Improves Efficiency of Management Software Development
Network management applications have gained dramatic new capabilities through the use of Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). This set of hardware features provides for remote discovery, configuration, and management of business PCs based on Intel® vPro™ technology, even if they are powered off or have missing or damaged operating systems. To improve development that takes advantage of these capabilities, makers of management software now have the Intel Manageability Checker.

The primary function of the tool is to work with a network sniffer to filter out and capture Intel AMT network packets, enabling the following benefits:
  • Simplifies development by sharpening developers' focus on packets relevant to their efforts
  • Provides alerting to notify developers when a specific type of Intel AMT packet is generated
  • Improves traffic analysis by allowing export of Intel AMT packets to TXT or PCAP format
A Growing Constellation of Benefits
Like all Intel Software Assessment Tools, these new offerings are easy to use, fast, and built to easily integrate into your development lifecycle. Assessing an application typically takes no more than an hour. What's more, the tools are regularly refreshed to support each new generation of hardware, helping to future-proof your applications and simplify maintenance.

Once testing is complete, the tools generate a Software Assessment Report that allows you to upload your results to get recommendations for improvement and to compare your success anonymously both against your competitors and compared to suggested levels provided by Intel.

Upcoming webinars and promotional programs will add even further to the value of the growing body of Software Assessment Tools. Visit the Intel Software Assessment Tools resource page to learn more about how to take your software to the next level:
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