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Build a Strong Foundation for Your Product
Take advantage of comprehensive planning resources from the Intel® Software Partner Program that can help give your business an edge.

The approach used by the Intel® Software Partner Program to help members succeed in their market segments has three phases: Plan & Strategize, Develop & Solve, and Market & Sell. Not surprisingly, the development and marketing aspects of the program often get more attention than the planning one, in part because they may seem more tangible.

Some companies skimp on the planning stage of their product initiatives as a cost-saving measure. In fact, however, short-changing the first steps of the product lifecycle can leave the later steps without a firm foundation. Robust preparation can help your company more deeply understand business opportunities—who your customers are, what they want, and how to deliver it to them. After all, creating a great product and a brilliant marketing campaign are only valuable if you know what to make and where to market it.

The Intel Software Partner Program can help, with a set of planning resources for a systematic approach to shaping your product strategy:
  • Platform and Technology Roadmaps give you advance knowledge of forthcoming platforms and technologies from Intel, so you can align your product schedules and capabilities with them.
  • Intel Partner Library provides free access to selected industry research from Forrester Research and Gartner, as well as other materials that can help you during the other phases of your product life cycle.
  • Product Planning Tools are the basis for a structured, step-by-step approach to identifying opportunities and developing a full product strategy. Many companies will especially benefit from the product planning tools.

Many companies will especially benefit from the product planning tools.
The Product Planning Tools: Key to a Methodical Approach
At the heart of effective product planning is a coherent set of steps that establish market needs and how to meet them by creating a product or service and taking it to market. The Product Planning Tools provide a comprehensive series of steps that guide you through the entire process, starting with the initial idea and carrying you through to a successful launch.

Because the interrelationships between the various parts of the planning process can be complex, the program provides the Product Planning Tools Overview for further guidance. The nine steps in the overview are the basis for a comprehensive, robust product plan, and it walks you through using the Product Planning Tools.
Hands-On Strategic Planning with the Product Planning Tools
The tangible basis of your project planning is a body of documentation. When it comes time to record the outcomes of the planning process, many organizations struggle to structure that information. Having a coherent approach to documentation not only makes the overall process more efficient, but also helps to ensure its completeness and to make it easy to look up the information when you need it. The Intel Software Partner Program's product planning tools simplify that effort with a set of Microsoft Word* document templates that help you direct your planning process toward success:
Tool Usage
Business case Compile information on a new business opportunity.
Product roadmap Establish a product schedule and keep it updated.
Customer interview Collect customer feedback on your markets and the solutions you plan to develop.
Customer personas Create hypothetical, representative customers to understand your market segment better.
Market requirements Articulate key market needs that your product must meet.
Product requirements Document how your product will meet the market needs you identified.

Each of these templates includes a complete, step-by-step process for completing it, which simplifies the overall planning process as well as making it more robust. Are you ready? Now is the time for the first steps toward taking your market segment by storm.

Plan well for a successful future:
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