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Best Practices
Best Practices
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Six Smart Tactics for Dealing with Economic Downturn
Successful marketers must be more alert than ever to changing customer needs and competition in economic downturns. The businesses that come out of the recession ahead will have listened carefully to customers and remained focused to identify key buyers and provide profitable and relevant products and services.
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Six Suggestions for Shaping
Your Strategy Program
Managing an effective, on-going strategy program takes commitment. The benefits that accrue from ensuring that everyone in your organization has a common vocabulary about the business and its direction, and that they are involved in developing, implementing or refreshing the strategy, are tremendous. This article discusses six important elements of shaping your company’s strategy.
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Lead Generation
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Social Media 101: Use Twitter to Attract Prospects and Engage CustomersBefore you enter the relatively new frontier of social media, you need an action plan. Although the costs are low, social media tools require extensive maintenance to be effective. Your strategy needs to fit your corporate culture, resources, and customer expectations. Twitter is probably one of the best places to test social-media and this article provides some basic guidelines.
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