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Member Success Stories

Program members from around the world are bringing their Intel technology-optimized products to market and realizing the benefits of their membership in the Intel® Software Partner Program. Read about how members in your region have utilized the program to help enhance their products, help achieve greater visibility for their solution, and help increase their market share.
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Collaboration Success Stories
Campaign Brings Technology Leaders Together to Simplify Collaboration for Educators
Agilix, Blackboard, and Gateway delivered a collaboration solution through a joint sales campaign to meet the needs of today’s Web-savvy students for user-friendly, mobile, computer-enabled learning options. This campaign has generated nearly 700 qualified leads to date and raised the visibility of all three companies with the higher education audience while reducing their marketing costs. [PDF 630KB]

Creative Media Success Stories
Cakewalk: Performing Brilliantly to Enable Audio Dreams
Working with the Intel® Software Partner Program, US company Cakewalk highly optimized its SONAR* digital audio workstation to put technology at the service of art in the professional recording environment. [PDF 446KB]

Graphics Success Stories
Digging Deeper: Miner Wars* 2081 Hits Rich Graphics Ore
To expand gameplay to a wider audience and enhance the graphics performance for its latest online game, Miner Wars 2081*, Keen Software House took advantage of a number of Intel(r) tools and technologies to analyze, multi-thread, and optimize its code. [PDF 432KB]

Neuron Games Brings Awesome Gaming To a Laptop Near You
U.S. company Neuron Games enabled their Super Cortex* game development system to fully utilize Intel Graphics technology on computers from the mainstream laptop to the high-end gaming rig, and to publish games for multiple platforms with little added effort. [PDF 344KB]

OC3 Entertainment Puts Its Best Face Forward
U.S.-based OC3 Entertainment develops FaceFX*, which is used in more than 100 game titles. The company gained top-tier exposure to its core market and guidance in using Intel tools such as Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer through its membership in the Intel Software Partner Program. [PDF 1.4B]

Umbra Software: Advanced Threading For Fast Calculations
Finland company Umbra Software builds rendering optimization middleware using an advanced threading model to yield fast real-time calculations. Through their program membership, the company gained technical resources and marketing help to drive success. [PDF 1.3B]

Reallusion Brings Simplicity to 3D Animation
The Intel® Software Partner Program helps Silicon Valley and Taiwan company Reallusion deliver winning results on its line of 3D animation tools. With Intel tools, Reallusion increased CPU utilization by 125 percent and sped up rendering by 85 percent. [PDF 431KB]

Manageability Success Stories
HostCERT Tripled Processing Capacity In Its HC Gateway Application
Brazilian company HostCERT developed HC Gateway to allow ISPs to prevent unauthorized access to an Internet network without significantly affecting performance, helping to ensure that only authorized systems gain Internet access. [PDF 336KB]

Solidcore Systems Watching Over Virtualized Networks
California company Solidcore Systems uses its membership in the Intel® Software Partner Program to help it build better solutions that increase control over virtualized resources, helping customers update security capabilities for the virtual age. [PDF 1.4MB]

Helping Small Support Shops Deliver Big Results
Intel Software Partner Program member, Syberfix, handles the details that let computer-support companies of one to five employees provide services with the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. [PDF 182KB]

SyAM Finds New Sales Opportunities through the Intel Channel
Proactive system management from SyAM Software unleashes the power of Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Active Management Technology. The Intel® Solutions Summit helped launch their solutions into the small-to-medium business and enterprise markets, building rapid success. [PDF 396KB]

Multi-core Success Stories
Corensic’s Concurrency-Debugging Software Keeps Threads In Order
Seattle-based Corensic used Intel® Thread Checker to help make Jinx, which simulates thread timings while a program is running to help uncover hard-to-find concurrency errors. [PDF 356KB]

MBA Sciences: Making Python Parallel
MBA Sciences offers SPM.Python, a version of the Python* programming language that helps developers take advantage of hardware parallelism. Use SPM.Python to augment new or existing serial scripts for scalability across parallel hardware, or to execute multiple applications in parallel. [PDF 382KB]

PocketSoft: Increasing the Pace of Change With Multicore
PocketSoft, with offices in US and Japan, enabled its RTPatch Server product for multicore, giving it an edge with computationally-intensive, processor-bound application workloads. [PDF 344KB]

PocketSoft: Increasing the Pace of Change With Multicore
PocketSoft, with offices in US and Japan, enabled its RTPatch Server product for multicore, giving it an edge with computationally-intensive, processor-bound application workloads. [PDF 344KB]

Beyond More Cores
Software companies that develop for the capabilities of future platforms reap rewards beyond the current needs of their existing customers. Achieve breakthrough performance on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture and benefit from the evolution of customer systems, instead of striving to keep up. [PDF 481KB]

Backing Up Data at Lightning Speed
Virtos Backups knows that for its customers, spending less time performing backups is a productivity advantage. Advice and guidance from Intel have helped the company deliver greater speed, increasing its product’s value. [PDF 674KB]

Virtualization Stories
Migration Specialties Keeps Great Legacies Alive
U.S. company Migration Specialties International provides products that use advanced software technology and virtualization to emulate DEC Alpha* hardware, allowing legacy Alpha systems to keep on running on Intel technology-based platforms. [PDF 330KB]

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